• Sunday Painter

    It was a profound honor to work with Michael Schonhoff to produce Sunday Painter. We are indebted to him from now until Kingdom Come. We are proud to call him PAC Curator. We are proud to call him friend. Anyway, here are some images of the show installed here's an excerpt of the press release for those who missed it: 

    On March 3, 2012, as a retreat from their studio practices, the Kansas City Plein Air Coterie’s (a.k.a. ‘KC PAC’ or ‘the PAC’) founding members, Robert Josiah Bingaman, Lee Piechocki, and Nicole Mauser met to paint en plein air, eat breakfast, discuss contemporary art, and examine their studio practice. Adding fellow founder Kelly John Clark, the gathering continued, each Sunday, gaining momentum and relevance. As the outings continued, the identity of KC PAC began to take shape, and they have continued to gain momentum and recognition. Since their original outing, the roster of KC PAC participants has swelled to more than 100. This exhibition features works by Elvis Achelpohl, Corey Antis, Jane Ashcraft, Christopher Bell, Wes Benson, Molly Bingaman, Robert Josiah Bingaman, Matt Bollinger, Hillary Carlson, Kelly John Clark, Jonah Criswell, Molly Kaderka, Krystal Kuhn, Melissa Lenos, Tom Matt, Nicole Mauser, Lee Piechocki, Rachel Rolon, Scarlett Schonhoff, Tristan Telander, Jennifer Wetzel, L!ucas Wetzel, and Ruby Wetzel.